Draft of a paper on CitySpinning

Earlier this month I presented a paper titled, “Frameworks for a Collective Reinterpretation of the Ambient Possibilities of Public Spaces” at the Sensory Urbanism conference organized by Dr.Raymond Lucas at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK). Will post summaries of presentations I found interesting here. It was a short two-day conference, I saw mostly architects, […]

PetPuja: if you can navigate you can eat bhindi-masala

PetPuja is an effort to seed a community of urban farmers. I plan to use public spaces, unused spaces, street-side spaces, gardens of volunteers, spaces under flyovers and bridges to grow easy-to-cook and nutritive vegetables and fruits. Objectives: once a variety of vegetables and fruits are grown in different parts of Bangalore, recipe-based routes would […]

The muddy-hands survey

An unused plot of land in Yelahanka, Bangalore, which has degraded to become a garbage dump is the site for this work. An object (a bag of chocolates, a mobile phone, a pair of jeans) and a weighing machine are kept beside the plot. A board with instructional information is already put up there. Anyone […]

Know me know my news

A set of bulletin-boards around the city with the day’s newspaper in English and Kannada pinned to it and a cross-translation of the headlines on a sheet of paper under them. If individuals wish to edit or add translations they can do so. The objective behind this is to promote cross-cultural understanding. English papers usually […]

Moved from Zenphoto

Moved the CitySpinning site from Zenphoto to WordPress. My needs changed, nothing wrong with ZP. Will be migrating the albums from ZP to WP soon. Meanwhile, welcome to an a fresh new blog with nothing much to offer.