Basket # 2: the “tree farm” grows

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basket # 2


The music people

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the humming meetup (one)


bangalore humming jam

February 26, 2008 2 comments

On March 8th, six of us (Aajwanthi, Veecheet, Bharat, Sakshita, Devashish, Prayas) will be humming along a route (to be announced) in Bangalore. So, maybe on that day, you will hear something else besides the mundane sound of traffic, dogs …

Some vegetables are growing, one has called it quits

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Updates about the vegetable patches. The spinach should be ready in another week or two

The cabbage:

The spinach:

The tomatoes:

The eggplant:

The fenugreek that was (may it rest in peace):

Pictures of the young spinach plants in the basket on the tree

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basket # 1 plants (tiny)

Growing Spinach (an assortment of tips and instructions)

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Am posting some instructions and tips for growing spinach, as we have been sowing a lot of spinach seeds.Will be posting compiled information for all the vegetables we are growing, for the reference of the team as well as others …

Navigating the trash-route of Bangalore and some hints to how it all works

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Being a part of the generation which rarely votes, is more or less politically apathetic and is mobile to the point of being rootless, it was a refreshing experience today to meet some bureaucrats who are making it happen in …

Spinach, fenugreek, cucumber and eggplant seedlings on their way

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We are gearing up to put up fifty baskets up on trees in the coming months. In the first basket we sowed tomato and spinach seeds and everyone is curious about what is happening in the basket. Are the seeds …

Sowing the seeds in the seedling tray: some pictures

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The Seedling Tray

Organopónicos, urban agriculture in Havana (Cuba)

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Ravi Gulati of Manzil was in Bangalore for the last few days. I ran into him at the school! He had been visiting Arvind and Shabnam. He had time in the afternoon and we sat in the old campus. Murli …