Bangalore humming jam


On March 8th, six of us (Aajwanthi, Veecheet, Bharat, Sakshita, Devashish, Prayas) will be humming along a route (to be announced) in Bangalore. So, maybe on that day, you will hear something else besides the mundane sound of traffic, dogs barking, people calling out to you to buy something. Maybe. More details soon.

Some vegetables are growing, one has called it quits


Updates about the vegetable patches. The spinach should be ready in another week or two ­čÖé The cabbage: The spinach: The tomatoes: The eggplant: The fenugreek that was (may it rest in peace):

Growing Spinach (an assortment of tips and instructions)

Am posting some instructions and tips for growing spinach, as we have been sowing a lot of spinach seeds. Will be posting compiled information for all the vegetables we are growing, for the reference of the team as well as others who are interested. Will modify this as we learn more about the process. The […]

Navigating the trash-route of Bangalore and some hints to how it all works


Being a part of the generation which rarely votes, is more or less politically apathetic and is mobile to the point of being rootless, it was a refreshing experience today to meet some bureaucrats who are making it happen in Bangalore and with gusto. At 8:15 a.m. we set out to meet Nandesh and Shivakumar, […]

Spinach, fenugreek, cucumber and eggplant seedlings on their way


We are gearing up to put up fifty baskets up on trees in the coming months. In the first basket we sowed tomato and spinach seeds and everyone is curious about what is happening in the basket. Are the seeds sprouting? (BTW, they haven’t sprouted yet, Apoorva climbed up the tree to check today.)┬á Of […]

Organop├│nicos, urban agriculture in Havana (Cuba)

Ravi Gulati of Manzil was in Bangalore for the last few days. I ran into him at the school! He had been visiting Arvind and Shabnam. He had time in the afternoon and we sat in the old campus. Murli anna was luckily passing by and I could get coffees for both of us. He […]

Watering the basket (a.k.a the tree farm)


The basket finally got watered properly today. I have been thinking of a simple way of doing so, for the last few days. A way which wouldn’t need any of us to climb the tree. I went to Harsha Seeds, a shop in Yelahanka Old Town in the morning. Got this pump: It is a […]

A way to possibly grow vegetables underground


Here’s a sketch of an idea running through my head for some days. A possible mechanism for growing vegetables (or other plants) underground. Will be trying it out next week and will post updates. Now, why would one do this? The tree farming effort and the “underground farming,” both are ways of seeking “safe” and […]

The basket I painted today


Getting ready to get the second basket up on a tree! We thought we will paint the baskets in the colours we identify our country with, the colours of our flag. Most people were busy today with classes, so not many landed up. And tomorrow they seem to be off on a class trip. So […]

A compost co-operative; linking clean streats, organic compost and livelihoods


Poonam called out my name loudly on Friday. I jogged to where she was. She said get a broom and sweep the dry leaves together. I thought, cool, I get to make my own compost for PetPuja. While I still have to get down to doing that, I thought of something which might be also […]

About PetPuja: a mindmap and more


Note (feb 25 08): Will add a text description here soon. Maybe a kind of interpretation of the mindmap?

Our first attempt to grow vegetables on trees!

On Sunday Sowmya, Rashmi and I had gone to the Yelahanka old town market to buy two baskets and fifteen meters of rope. The idea (which I have been hinting at across the last week) was to build a small unit to easily grow vegetables on trees. Well we haven’t fixed the “easily” part yet […]

Plan for this week’s urban farming jam


Urban Farming Jam 4 (UFJ 4) is on Thursday 5:30 p.m. The plan this week is to think more about the country which each of us have founded, define a flag and some plans for the expansion of territory. After each of us have designed a flag for our countries we will be painting our […]

Sprouts 08: some unique recipes for fun

At Sprouts today, Ananya made some unique recipes with sprouted moong dal, sprouted beans, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, spinach, curd, garlic, honey, capsicum, french beans, peas, onions and carrots. I will be getting Ananya to blog the recipes here soon. The salads and the dressings were a big hit. All the food was over in the […]

Where the seeds came from


Last Saturday (2nd feb) we went to to Jaynagar, 1st block. A nursery called Samsons Nursery, which we had talked to, and which seemed to be well-stocked with all kinds of vegetable seeds and stuff. At Samsons Nursery, we met Mr.S.Krishnappa (ex-army serviceman), who owns the nursery. He took us around his place, explaining the […]

A tulsi (basil) plant at every tea stall


Yesterday Sakshita, Sadhivi and Rutika started an effort to plant a Tulsi (Basil) plant at all the tea-shops of Yelahanka. In the picture above they plant the Basil seeds at the chai shop in front of Srishti’s old campus. The anna at the tea-shop was very happy to have a personal tulsi plant at his […]

Seed sowing season at urban farming jam 3


Almost everyone turned up to take care of their lands at Urban Farming Jam 3. It wasn’t as uphill a struggle with the land as on the first day. Most teams/countries were able to get the land ready and sow seeds. From how these seeds/seedlings grow we will learn about what we got right and […]

The “Sprout” party, Saturday night (feb 9) at 7:30 p.m.

A small all-hands party for the urban farming team will be happening at the CEMA campus, on the first floor. The theme will be “SPROUTS,” to keep in sync with the stage at which our farming efforts are. It will be small, modest dinner, which I will cook myself with everyone who is there to […]

Urban farming jam 2, 5:30 p.m. today

Many of the volunteers (yes, names and profiles soon) will be busy today but we still have a farming session at 5:30 p.m. at the Sristhi Old Campus parking lot. From next week looks like the sessions are going to be on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. With brief watering and nurturing visits to the vegetables […]

Seeds of six different vegetables


Visited the Department of Horticulture at the University of Agricultural Sciences/GKVK today. I met Prof.Puttaraju and spoke a bit about what PetPuja was about. He put me in touch with his team to give me seeds. Got the seeds of Okra (Bhindi), Gourd (two types), French beans, Cucumber and Radish. Here look at them. Have […]