Temporary Architecture - CitySpinning is a series of interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

The basket I painted today

Getting ready to get the second basket up on a tree! We thought we will paint the baskets in the colours we identify our country with, the colours of our flag. Most people were busy today with classes, so not many landed up. And tomorrow they seem to be off on a class trip. So another active “urban farming jam” seems to be at least a week and a half away. Well. I turned up at 5:30 in the parking lot and got some stuff done. Here’s the first version of my flag, my colours are red and green.


My country is called, “Janta Kitchen” (public kitchen in English) and the flag is quite literal. And looks pretty bad 🙁 Needs a lot more work.

In the afternoon I had gone off to the same shop in Yelahanka old town to buy more baskets. So in all I have four unused baskets now. I hope to put up some fifty baskets up on trees in the coming month.

Coming back to the one I painted today. Here’s how it looks:



So, tomorrow I get it ready for sowing seeds and installing it on a tree. Have to get a gunny bag, some wire mesh and yes, more rope.

In the coming week I will also be starting to make presentations about PetPuja/Urban Farming Lab (yes, the name might change, be warned) at schools and colleges around Yelahanka to involve more volunteers/participants to “adopt a basket” and expand the range of vegetables we have growing out there in Yelahanka.

The parking lot has become a nice hangout. End up meeting a lot of new people and talking to them about the project. Aniruddh dropped by today and we chatted. He is pretty enthusiastic and wants to put up a few baskets. Pallavi, a third year video student, and a few of her friends also dropped by and we chatted near basket # 1. Pallavi dared me to put up a basket near her house, which according to her is a “monkey zone.” I really want to test the durability of the basket and related peripherals (the wire-mesh etc.) so was absolutely game for it. Will be calling her up in the next few days and fixing something up.

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