Watering the basket (a.k.a the tree farm)

The basket finally got watered properly today. I have been thinking of a simple way of doing so, for the last few days. A way which wouldn’t need any of us to climb the tree. I went to Harsha Seeds, a shop in Yelahanka Old Town in the morning. Got this pump:


It is a 1.5 litre pressure pump. Using the lever on the top, first one pumps pressure and then one presses the button right above the handle and “SWOOSH…” the water rushes out of the nozzle. The nozzle has a regulator, which one can use to put the pressure pump on a spray mode or a shoot mode, very similar to the barber’s spray can. One, pumps pressure, points it up and presses the button. The water reaches all the way to the basket.


That is Rashmi, watering the tomatoes and spinach in the basket.

It works for now. But as a long-term solution to the problem, I am not happy at all. Maybe I will connect the nozzle to a shower-faced water-hose. The water-hose could then remain connected to the basket and the tree. Whoever is trying to water the basket, just needs to connect the nozzle of the pressure pump to the water-hose and hopefully the water should flow all the way up. That model maybe would work for baskets which are higher up on the tree.

Shooting water up from the ground only works for baskets as high as this one (which is not very high).