The tune we will hum on the first GungunGumpu day

Posted on March 3, 2008


The Bangalore humming Jam now actually has a name! After dissing numerous prospective names, we decided on GungunGumpu, (all of us still don’t broadly agree on this name, but, maybe it is one of the more agreeable names).

Gungun means humming or casual singing in many Indian languages.

Gumpu means a cluster in Kannada, the language spoken in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka (the state in which Bangalore is).

So GungunGumpu becomes “a cluster of casual singing (or humming).”

There have been numerous new ideas about how, what and where the first GungunGumpu will play out on the 8th. More on that soon.

Some notes about the video: it has snippets of the tune we plan to hum/sing on March 8th. I personally like it quite a lot. Will be talking to Veecheet, Bharat, Deboo, Reme, Aajwanthi about how we can build up on it.

Thanks to Mrs.Tara Kini (Head, CERTAD) for the help in deciding the name.

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