A mechanism for SoundTagging in the wild and Kotti’s ladybug

Posted on April 28, 2008

After GungunGumpu I have been wondering if there could be way for us to “SoundDrop” in urban spaces. SoundDropping would mean “to leave sound-clips at specific spots,” and in effect “drop” it for someone else to find it.

I went to S.P.Road to check if I could pick-up pre-designed sound-recording circuits. At Om Electronics (a great shop, which Yashas told me about), they had a ready-to-assemble kit for a 60-second sound recorder. I picked up an assembled version of the kit. I plan to use the circuit to make mechanisms to SoundTag specific places in Bangalore.

A t present I am trying to work with some friends to package the circuit in different ways and offer clean and uniform interfaces for people to approach the gadget and “drop” sounds. The circuit runs on a 9V battery, which I am exploring if I can get a small solar panel to charge. It will have one button to play a previous recording/SoundDrop and another button to record/”drop” a sound.

Like GungunGumpu, this will be an attempt to collectively affect urban soundscapes and at the same time try to evolve a public platform for voicing-out things one wants to say, frustrations, poetry, hums and other forms of spontaneous sounds.

For a small display about CitySpinning projects that I am having in school, Navackotti (a soon-to-be product design student) has been working on a ladybug shaped casing for this circuit. He will be blogging more about his experience in doing this in the coming days. The ladybug version just has a play button. It has no record button. It is meant to give a consistent audio introduction to the projects at CitySpinning. He has used coconut shells, m-seal and enamel paint to make the ladybird casing.

The ladybug looks like this (the button still needs to be attached, else the gadget is mostly complete) for now. Kotti will write more about this:


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