The self watering pot for growing vegetables in homes

Posted on April 28, 2008

After we found that clay conducts water through itself very effectively, we went ahead with making reforming the pot in a pot mechanism. Using clay itself as a medium through which water is transferred.

Redesigning the pot: It is a pot which is lined with a 3″ mote around it so that one grows the plant in the centre which is in turn surrounded by this mote which permanently keeps the clay around it wet. Once the water gets over, there is hole made where one can re-fill the mote using a pipe or a bottle or a jug.
This design for the pot fulfills the requirements of growing a plant, storing water and self watering, and an essential function of excretion from the plant.

We are done making it but it needs at least two weeks to dry after which it will be baked and tested. Hopefully this should work! Over and out.


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