A 20 litre water bottle as a self-watering unit to grow vegetables

Tanushri and Shifali, the 3rd year product-design students who were working on some self-watering systems for PetPuja, designed an extension of the Bottle Biology design. A 20 litre water bottle (which many of us in India use as our primary source of drinking water at home) is cut into half and the top part is […]

How Munna grows vegetables and feels more at home in his city: a scenario for participation in the PetPuja network

A scenario for use of the PetPuja network by working children

Spinning lady bug

The lady bug project This project is a part of Prayas’s CitySpinning project. I had a short brief on his CitySpinning project and his idea of leaving sound tags in public spaces. I had the basic sound recording circuit where I had to make the outer casing. I started my research on nature and looking […]