Before I visit Vidarbha: a sound installation

Across last month at Khoj, I worked on a processing sketch titled, “Before I Visit Vidarbha.” It attempts to carry forward my exploration of urban food systems as a part of the PetPuja project. Background: Some 90,000 farmers have killed themselves in parts of India. Many reasons have been ascribed to this. And the government […]

CitySpinning @ Khoj (pictures)

(from left) prayas, attia, sandeep, nisha and manmeet at work on the processing sketch for “Before I Visit Vidarbha” in my studio putting up the photographs of my performance with the modular jacket for our “open studio”   one of the walls of the display a visitor more jackets on the facing wall a conversation […]

module for jacket: portable snack kit

The module (attached to the jacket in the picture below) is made from milk packets and cloth. Four pockets are stuck to a foam piece with velcro to stick to the jacket. The four pockets can be used to sprout moong, gram, beans etc., in quantity enough for a good snack.   back view you […]

“Voice” under the safdarjung flyover

The message behind the jacket says: “Yeh meri jagah hai” (this is my place). the flyover doesn’t belong to the public works department (PWD) the bedroom under the flyover When I stood under and around the flyover, my jacket saying that “This space is mine,” a drunk guard came and asked me how I could […]

“Voice” @ the Parliament + Rashtrapati Bhavan

The message behind the jacket says: “Yeh meri jagah hai” (this is my place). at the gates of the rashtrapati bhavan walking in front of the north block @ the north block parked in a “tow away zone” the guard in front of the north block complex eying me…   parked in the garden beside […]

“Voice”: a jacket to say what you want. Anywhere. Anytime.

At Khoj, as part of the Peers 08 residency for masters students. one of the things I have been working on is this as-yet-untitled jacket. The jacket has velcro at the back and different modules can be attached to it. The first module I have worked on is this array of LEDs, which with a […]