Before I visit Vidarbha: a sound installation

June 28, 2008 No comments yet

Across last month at Khoj, I worked on a processing sketch titled, “Before I Visit Vidarbha.” It attempts to carry forward my exploration of urban food systems as a part of the PetPuja project.

Background: Some 90,000 farmers have killed …

CitySpinning @ Khoj (pictures)

June 25, 2008 No comments yet

(from left) prayas, attia, sandeep, nisha and manmeet

at work on the processing sketch for “Before I Visit Vidarbha” in my studio

putting up the photographs of my performance with the modular jacket for our “open studio”

one of the …

module for jacket: portable snack kit

June 13, 2008 No comments yet

The module (attached to the jacket in the picture below) is made from milk packets and cloth. Four pockets are sticked to a foam piece with velcro to stick to the jacket.

The four pockets can be used to sprout …

“Voice” under the safdarjung flyover

June 13, 2008 No comments yet

The message behind the jacket says: “Yeh meri jagah hai” (this is my place).

the flyover doesn’t belong to the public works department (PWD)

the bedroom under the flyover

When I stood under and around the flyover, my jacket saying …

“Voice” @ the Parliament + Rashtrapati Bhavan

June 13, 2008 1 comment

The message behind the jacket says: “Yeh meri jagah hai” (this is my place).

at the gates of the rashtrapati bhavan

walking in front of the north block

@ the north block parked in a “tow away zone”

the guard …

“Voice” @ Delhi University

June 12, 2008 No comments yet

Voice @ Delhi University

in front of a delhi police poster about safety at night-time for girl students

"I am the light"

standing in a traffic police shelter

talking to the construction workers at the school of economics who found

“Voice”: a jacket to say what you want. Anywhere. Anytime.

June 9, 2008 5 comments

At Khoj, as part of the Peers 08 residency for masters students. one of the things I have been working on is this as-yet-untitled jacket. The jacket has velcro at the back and different modules can be attached to …