MausamChowk: a set of local weather stations that help you decide where to go

SMS a query to a local weather station. Receive a reply with the temperature, humidity and noise levels of the spae. Decide if you want to go there or someone else. Maybe a good place for a quiet evening is Khirkee and a good place for a drift is Chandni Chowk and and good place […]

CANOPY: temporary roofs for tea-shops

Often it is just a question of putting one up. But after it is stretched a claim is made. And accepted. A claim to shade. A livelihood. Space on the street. Protection from rain. And then in some months, it will get torn. And replaced. Or patched. CANOPY scripts some stories in between CANOPY is […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 6

Day 6: the responsibility of continued care and documentation of the farms, plans for next time, sharing contact details, feedback, plans/ideas We talked about how each child will care about his plants, tried to gather some feedback about the process and discussed ideas for the next time. I described the soil workshop to them and […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 5

Day 5: containers (all kinds… bought from a flea market), sow seeds, audio blog activities, work on the “public fruit map” @ google maps From a nearby flea market, I managed to get some petis (wooden cartons used for transporting and storing fruits and vegetables. With a few modifications, the petis were usable as containers […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 4

Day 4: prepared more soil, invite a gardener to visit, sow seeds in baskets + pots, post the group’s experience on the audio blog, talk about the “public fruit map (Delhi).” From the nearby Qutub nursery, I requested the head gardener, Ram Shankar, to come over to the shelter and demonstrate and explain to us […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 2 and 3

Day 2: a simple discussion on nutrition, diet and vegetables. in simple flower-pots we sowed chilli, radish and spinach seeds. Day 3: get baskets, set up baskets, get containers made, talk to neighbourhood gardeners, put audio recordings on the Internet

Mitti Chakkar

Mitti Chakkar (Hindi), Soil circle (English), exploring urban soil ecology An effort to sample/archive soil from public spaces around Delhi, grow mustard plants (sarson) in it. Sarson acts as a phytoremediation agent and cleans the soil of toxins like Lead by storing it in its cells instead. I will post some sketches from my notebook […]