Temporary Architecture - CitySpinning is a series of interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

CANOPY: temporary roofs for tea-shops

an introductory graphic for the project
an introductory graphic for the project

Often it is just a question of putting one up.
But after it is stretched a claim is made.
And accepted.
A claim to shade. A livelihood. Space on the street. Protection from rain.

And then in some months, it will get torn. And replaced. Or patched.
CANOPY scripts some stories in between

CANOPY is a series of temporary (flexible, mobile, sturdy), multi-purpose roofs for shops on Indian streets.

The first set of canopies are for tea-shops in Chandni-Chowk (New Delhi) and will attempt to have these features:

  1. water collection (rain, dew, fog)
  2. space for growing vegetables
  3. space for sleeping
  4. LIVE solar mobile charging
  5. storage
  6. marking (creating an identity for the tea-shop through art on the canopy)

Some drawings and sketches will be posted soon.

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