A poster for the POROUS CITY invitation & call for design proposals

Thanks to Nisha Nair for the feedback and handholding through the poster-design process! I conder myself a graphic design noob. Thanks also to Priyanka Kodikal and Nirali Shah for the feedback and criticism for the earlier drafts. Please download a PDF of the poster here: http://cityspinning.org/porouscity/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/poster1.pdf, put it up where can and help in spreading […]

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Seeking designs for a mobile cultural space

“Porous City,” CitySpinning’s “effort of seeking out alternative cultural spaces” in Bangalore is seeking proposals for designs of “mobile cultural spaces.” The mobile cultural space (a mechanical vehicle we are calling THE DOT*) will be an adaptable space, which can respond to the different neighbourhoods it is parked in. It will be moved around Bengaluru, […]

Introduction: Porous City

INTRODUCTION: POROUS CITY sees the city of flows obstructions also as a city of accidents, shadows, parallel realities, diversity, fiction and imagination. Across this year POROUS CITY will practice different ways of experiencing, sharing and articulating these realities. These ways will be of writing, performances, walks and interventions. The interventions planned are experiments with our […]