Land dreams

Posted on April 8, 2009

LandDreams [land-dreams] noun, verb

- noun: Realized or unrealized aspirations of land.

- verb: The act of imagining urealized desires; in terms of functional uses or aesthetic.

Unemployed plots of land dream of things that they can do, how they can look, forms they can  take. When they are actively traded and utilized in the market and society, only a narrow range of functions get performed on them. They, on the other hand remain unfilled.

Because, how they see themselves as is a a lot more colourful, open, social and adventureous. The markets binds the land in the roles it wants it to play.

The market has crashed. A lot of land is now unemployed. The market doesn’t have the resources to employ it or speculate on it. For now, some land owns its own future. And so, it is dreaming. It is dreaming of what it can be. In many different ways. I am channeling these dreams and giving them a temporary life. This story is called LandDreams, a verb and a noun. LandDreams is a part of the Porous City effort.

The first plot of land whose dreams I am channeling is the University Women’s Association, Bangalore  (UWAB) property  in New Thippasandra – the UWAB’s site for a working women’s hostel (see a map here). This is what the land looks like right now:

Nisha Nair and I am working on a temporary cloth and rope structure at the site for the first meeting of the YourTime Club.

You will see more of the dreams here as they take shape.

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