LAND Is available. How do you want to use it?

LAND DREAMS, cataloguing our cultural aspirations and use-values related to LAND Living in a country and region with active land-struggles and a history of land-rights movements^ and attempts of land-reform, if land is made available to us for some time, what can we imagine? CALL FOR PROPOSALS LAND is available for temporary projects, workshops, conferences, […]

The Porous City: the short-listed proposals for a mobile cultural space in Bangalore

In January this year CitySpinning invited design proposals for the DOT (Demonstrating Outdoor Tactics), a configuration for a mobile cultural space for Bangalore. Proposals were short-listed in April and then every participant was requested to license their proposal under an open-content license before the entries were shared with the world on the web and soon […]

Petpuja @ Futuresonic 09

Documentation (panels, video, audio) of the Petpuja and Canopy projects is up at the CUBE gallery as a part of Futuresonic, a festival of music, art and ideas held in Manchester, UK from the 13th to the 23rd May, 09. “Futuresonic is an annual festival of art, music and ideas. It involves a freeform mix […]

Canopy @ Make Them Love You

A signboard promoting the CANOPY project is a part of Make Then Love You in Chennai. This is what my sign might look like. Might because the signs are going to be hand-painted by a film-poster painter and the “lost in translation” is a part of the process. Make Them Love You (MTLY) is a […]