Mathinahalli: Playing With Stories, a festival of exchange from 26-30 August 09

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WHEN: 26-30th August 09

Mathinahalli: playing with stories was a festival of exchange and mutual gestures designed to document the neighbourhood’s stories about childhood, play and the city at large. These stories will help in capturing the evolution and dynamism …

Eating Value: exchange economics in the neighbourhood

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The Eating Value workshop happened at the Porous City camp at a construction site in Thippasandra. Eating Value was a way of opening up concepts of the economy, value and entrepreneurship for children through food, exchange and storytelling.

The workshop …

Stepping into Thippasandra, expanding the porous city

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The physical act of occupying a vacant construction site in a residential neighborhood is seen like setting up a basecamp in a forest,

    ACT 1: cleaning, clearing

    ACT 2: fencing, bridging

    ACT 3: locating water and energy source

    ACT 5: …

DOT in Tippasandra, a neighbourhood play camp (Aug-Sep 09)

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What is Demonstrating Outdoor Tactics (DOT)?

The DOT (Demonstrating Outdoor Tactics) is a configuration for a mobile cultural space for Bangalore. It will be used for a diverse set of curated artistic and cultural projects proposed by the community of …

Porous City in Tippasandra, a neighbourhood play camp (Aug 20-Sep 20 09)

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What is Porous City?

POROUS CITY sees the city of flows obstructions also as a city of accidents, shadows, parallel realities, diversity, fiction and imagination.

Across this year POROUS CITY is practicing different ways of experiencing, sharing and articulating these …