A scenario for use of the PetPuja network by working children

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Cultivating Concrete, a handbook for urban farming compiled by Rashmi Sirkar

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Rashmi Sirkar, a second year design student at Srishti has been working on a small (20-page) illustrated handbook on urban farming for CitySpinning. A draft is now ready and is available for download using the link below.

The handbook gives …

Updated concept map for PetPuja

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The graphic has been designed by Avinash Deshmukh (2nd year Srishti student)

About PetPuja: a mindmap and more

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Note (feb 25 08): Will add a text description here soon. Maybe a kind of interpretation of the mindmap?…

Draft of a paper on CitySpinning

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Earlier this month I presented a paper titled, “Frameworks for a Collective Reinterpretation of the Ambient Possibilities of Public Spaces” at the Sensory Urbanism conference organized by Dr.Raymond Lucas at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK).

Will post summaries of …