Before I visit Vidarbha: a sound installation

June 28, 2008 No comments yet

Across last month at Khoj, I worked on a processing sketch titled, “Before I Visit Vidarbha.” It attempts to carry forward my exploration of urban food systems as a part of the PetPuja project.

Background: Some 90,000 farmers have killed …

module for jacket: portable snack kit

June 13, 2008 No comments yet

The module (attached to the jacket in the picture below) is made from milk packets and cloth. Four pockets are sticked to a foam piece with velcro to stick to the jacket.

The four pockets can be used to sprout …

A 20 litre water bottle as a self-watering unit to grow vegetables

May 6, 2008 1 comment

Tanushri and Shifali, the 3rd year product-design students who were working on some self-watering systems for PetPuja, designed an extension of the Bottle Biology design. A 20 litre water bottle (which many of us in India use as our primary …

How Munna grows vegetables and feels more at home in his city: a scenario for participation in the PetPuja network

May 6, 2008 No comments yet

A scenario for use of the PetPuja network by working children

May 6, 2008 No comments yet

Pictures of the clay self-watering unit

May 6, 2008 No comments yet

The clay self-watering unit

cutting the slab of clay

round piece of clay for the bowl

clay pieces ready to be wedged and rolled into a slab

adding inner wall

a heavy cloth for support at the base

flat cut-outs

Cultivating Concrete, a handbook for urban farming compiled by Rashmi Sirkar

April 29, 2008 No comments yet

Rashmi Sirkar, a second year design student at Srishti has been working on a small (20-page) illustrated handbook on urban farming for CitySpinning. A draft is now ready and is available for download using the link below.

The handbook gives …

The self watering pot for growing vegetables in homes

April 28, 2008 3 comments

After we found that clay conducts water through itself very effectively, we went ahead with making reforming the pot in a pot mechanism. Using clay itself as a medium through which water is transferred.

Redesigning the pot: It is a …

Taking a look at the first tree-mounted self-watering system

April 20, 2008 No comments yet

Poster of the teaser poster for the tree-mounted self-watering unit which Tanushree and Shifali¬† have organized¬† at the Srishti old campus.…

Pictures of putting up the bottle farm

April 18, 2008 No comments yet

Before this:

fusing the mouth of tube by melting it

pouring molten wax to make waterproof hole which did not work

applying Mseal on both sides

cycle spare parts for pulley

selecting the tree

carrying the stuff to the tree…