Madhu D @ CitySpinning: walking through change and resistance

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Madhu .D was away from Bangalore for six months and when he returned he couldn’t recognize his city. “The accelerated change and erasures are inevitable here, the city seems like a construction site, a battle ground of change and

Reciprocating Memories: invited projects at the POROUS CITY site in Thippasandra

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Porous City @ Thippasandra invited artists and architects from Bangalore to respond to the site with project concepts. The following projects were developed across conversations with the artists, relating their projects to the space, context and the curatorial theme (to …

Rewind Replay, playing forgotten games, 3rd-9th September 09

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The idea for Rewind Replay was shared by Deepak Srinivasan at Maraa and Rashmi Gopal. Deepak took me along to meet Rashmi and after talking, playing and drinking tea together, we decided to host these playing sessions.

Then Meeta and …

CitySpinning in Time Out Bangalore, August 09

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The current issue of Time Out Bangalore carries a story by Jaideep Sen on the numerous community-art projects in the city which engage with public spaces in different ways. It features a lot of CitySpinning‘s ongoing work, especially the …

Mathinahalli: Playing With Stories, a festival of exchange from 26-30 August 09

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WHEN: 26-30th August 09

Mathinahalli: playing with stories was a festival of exchange and mutual gestures designed to document the neighbourhood’s stories about childhood, play and the city at large. These stories will help in capturing the evolution and dynamism …

Eating Value: exchange economics in the neighbourhood

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The Eating Value workshop happened at the Porous City camp at a construction site in Thippasandra. Eating Value was a way of opening up concepts of the economy, value and entrepreneurship for children through food, exchange and storytelling.

The workshop …

Stepping into Thippasandra, expanding the porous city

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The physical act of occupying a vacant construction site in a residential neighborhood is seen like setting up a basecamp in a forest,

    ACT 1: cleaning, clearing

    ACT 2: fencing, bridging

    ACT 3: locating water and energy source

    ACT 5: …

Porous City in Tippasandra, a neighbourhood play camp (Aug 20-Sep 20 09)

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What is Porous City?

POROUS CITY sees the city of flows obstructions also as a city of accidents, shadows, parallel realities, diversity, fiction and imagination.

Across this year POROUS CITY is practicing different ways of experiencing, sharing and articulating these …

DOT in Tippasandra, a neighbourhood play camp (Aug-Sep 09)

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What is Demonstrating Outdoor Tactics (DOT)?

The DOT (Demonstrating Outdoor Tactics) is a configuration for a mobile cultural space for Bangalore. It will be used for a diverse set of curated artistic and cultural projects proposed by the community of …

The Spirited Caravans Exhibition Opens

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The opening of Spirited Caravans: re-imagining Bangalore’s outdoors met with quite an enthusiastic response from the city. We saw some hundred guests walk in and out, thanks everyone for dropping in! If you haven’t been able to come in yet, …