Magic Benches: urban furniture with a story

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Magic Benches are a series of urban furniture to be placed in populous public and private spaces. The first bench in this series is actually a stool It is called a “free advice stool.”

The free advice stool is a …

Free advice stool (day 1)

April 4, 2008 1 comment

free advice stool (day 1)


The making of the free advice stool

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Magic Bench # 1

bench # 1 completed!

Avinash working on bench # 1

bench # 1 in use

A corrugated cardboard bench which is stronger than an ant (prototype)

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paper prototype of a corrugated card-board bench

Step # 1: Divide the sheet of paper or corrugated cardboard into many equal parts.

Step # 2: Now fold the sheet across half the area of each part.

The folds need to