Urban Typhoon outcome: A proposal for a school without walls

March 23, 2008 No comments yet

A compost co-operative; linking clean streats, organic compost and livelihoods

February 13, 2008 No comments yet

Poonam called out my name loudly on Friday. I jogged to where she was. She said get a broom and sweep the dry leaves together. I thought, cool, I get to make my own compost for PetPuja. While I still …

The Mobile Performance Tool: using mobiles for a public call-in concert

February 1, 2008 No comments yet

What: A product for LIVE venues to have an “open channel” in some spaces or at some times. An “open channel” which plays the music of any band which cares to call in and play its music over the call. …

The muddy-hands survey

January 29, 2008 1 comment

An unused plot of land in Yelahanka,Bangalore, which has degraded to become a garbage dump is the site for this work. An object (a bag of chocolates, a mobile phone, a pair of jeans) and a weighing machine are kept …

Know me know my news

January 29, 2008 No comments yet

A set of bulletin-boards around the city with the day’s newspaper in English and Kannada pinned to it and a cross-translation of the headlines on a sheet of paper under them. If individuals wish to edit or add translations they …