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Designing a playful space for dogs: the first experiment

Expected Outcomes

  • Dogs enjoy this new toy
  • Engage with it
  • They get happy, excited or relaxed after experiencing it.

Nature of Experiment

  • This experiment was conducted on the basis of an assumption and observation that dogs like to get rubbed, scratched and massaged.
  • It was to see how a dog would react to an object that would rub against it’s body if it passed through. 
  • The experiment was to note a dog’s behavior and reaction to the object.
  • The toy was made with two rollers placed at a distance in between them. Dog would walk in between these two rollers that would rotate as a result of rubbing against dog’s upper body.

Nature of Test Scenerio

  • The object/toy was placed in the garden and dog was made to walk through it.
  • She was attracted, guided and cued to walk through the object and not beside it.

Outcome of Test

  • Dog seemed to resist walking into the object.
  • She probably found the space between the rollers too cramped. (Which was necessary for the rollers to touch her body, thus fulfilling the requirement).
  • Lack of interest was clearly visible. The object was maybe too dull and made no sound and had no other visual or audio excitement to attract the dog.
  • The main design flaw turned out to be that the idea would only work if dog passed through it, but there wasn’t sufficient reason for a dog to do so.

Steps For Future Iteration

  • Use of Colour – The spiked rollers will be painted in a bright colour to attract the dog.
  • Use of Sound – To make it more interesting for the dog, a few attachments to the rollers will be needed in order to produce a sound upon rotation.
  • In order to test whether the dog likes the texture and feel of the roller, only one such roller shall be put to test, eliminating all other variables like passing through something in a specific way. 

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