The second prototype for CANOPY@ChandniChowk

Across the last few days, I made a second prototype of the CANOPY@ChandniChowk with the help of Ajay Mayekar, Dhaval Shellugar and Rutwik Sath, who are architects from Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi, the school of architecture in Mumbai.

Vaibhav Kaley, Vir Singh and Gaurav gave very valuable inputs for the design of the second prototype.

How it differs from the first prototype:
1) It is self-supporting structure and doesn’t need to be grouted in the ground (i.e. you don’t need to dig the earth)
2) it uses bolts for all the major structural joints and not ropes and so is much more stable and sturdy
3) It is much lighter and cost-effective/cheaper
4) It can take the load of at least two-three children who climb the first level to water the plants hanging from the second level

Some photographs of the new structure:

The initial drawing drafted by Ajay and Ritwik after our first discussion:

the first prototype for CANOPY@ChandniChowk

Last week, before leaving for Delhi, I made and tested a prototype of the first canopy in Bangalore. I designed this with Kiran Kakde’s help. Kiran is Rashmi Kakde’s brother who lives and works in Dubai.

It was made by Nizamuddin and his colleagues from Bamboo Bazar in Bangalore.

A labelled picture of the prototype.

This canopy will:

  1. offer a few tea shops shade and cover from the rain
  2. offer street children in the vicinity space to grow vegetables and mushrooms
  3. offer incentives to the tea-shop owner to be friendly with the children and encourage them to use the space
  4. (maybe) have a LIVE solar mobile charging station
  5. (maybe) have a fog collection utility for local water production

This design/prototype has already been evolving into something else with feedback from a lot of children and friends.

Next post: drawings and brainstorm transcripts for the next prototype.

More pictures: