“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 6

Day 6: the responsibility of continued care and documentation of the farms, plans for next time, sharing contact details, feedback, plans/ideas We talked about how each child will care about his plants, tried to gather some feedback about the process and discussed ideas for the next time. I described the soil workshop to them and […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 5

Day 5: containers (all kinds… bought from a flea market), sow seeds, audio blog activities, work on the “public fruit map” @ google maps From a nearby flea market, I managed to get some petis (wooden cartons used for transporting and storing fruits and vegetables. With a few modifications, the petis were usable as containers […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 4

Day 4: prepared more soil, invite a gardener to visit, sow seeds in baskets + pots, post the group’s experience on the audio blog, talk about the “public fruit map (Delhi).” From the nearby Qutub nursery, I requested the head gardener, Ram Shankar, to come over to the shelter and demonstrate and explain to us […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 2 and 3

Day 2: a simple discussion on nutrition, diet and vegetables. in simple flower-pots we sowed chilli, radish and spinach seeds. Day 3: get baskets, set up baskets, get containers made, talk to neighbourhood gardeners, put audio recordings on the Internet