MausamChowk is now SenseStation: have a look

The local weather station project opening soon in New Delhi is now called SenseStation. Here is what the working prototype looks like:

The casing and the Arduino shield design was done with the help of Spruha Electronics, a company in Nagpur (it was started by my father-in-law).

I will be releasing details about the station, the shield and the Arduino code in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I will post installation dates and usage instructions (on SMS).

The SenseStation senses:

noise levels
crowd/business of streets
heat index (temperature / humidity) and
CO levels (maybe)

I will be installing the SenseStation in Delhi at the 48C festival next week. The station will provide weather data over SMS and through a pachube feed.

After that, I will be developing the platform further.

MausamChowk: a set of local weather stations that help you decide where to go

a poster
a poster

SMS a query to a local weather station. Receive a reply with the temperature, humidity and noise levels of the spae. Decide if you want to go there or someone else.

Maybe a good place for a quiet evening is Khirkee and a good place for a drift is Chandni Chowk and and good place to sweat is Connaught Place?

GOING LIVE in DECEMBER 2008. Updates soon.