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GungunGumpu: team # 3 on the streets

March 28, 2008 No comments yet


In this video we see team # 3 (Bharat, Divya, Sadhvi and Mitali) humming along Brigade road.…

GungunGumpu: starting off & team # 4 on the streets (video)

March 14, 2008 No comments yet


March 8th, 2008. We started off on the Srishti bus from Yelahanka, got off across the street from Cauvery and each team started off on its route and hummed. In this video we see team # 4 (Tejas, Apoorva, …

GungunGumpu in pictures (will post more as the videos get edited)

March 10, 2008 No comments yet

Gungungumpu (1)


The routes along which everyone hummed

March 9, 2008 No comments yet

A map of the routes along which the four teams hummed yesterday.…

Tomorrow is the first GungunGumpu day, the story unravels

March 7, 2008 No comments yet

GUNGUNGUMPU is a mini-festival for humming and casual singing on the streets. On MG Road and Brigade Road, each GUNGUMPUR will make repeated rounds of a pre-planned route (am posting maps of the routes next). A person with a video …

The tune we will hum on the first GungunGumpu day

March 3, 2008 No comments yet


The Bangalore humming Jam now actually has a name! After dissing numerous prospective names, we decided on GungunGumpu, (all of us still don’t broadly agree on this name, but, maybe it is one of the more agreeable names).


bangalore humming jam

February 26, 2008 2 comments

On March 8th, six of us (Aajwanthi, Veecheet, Bharat, Sakshita, Devashish, Prayas) will be humming along a route (to be announced) in Bangalore. So, maybe on that day, you will hear something else besides the mundane sound of traffic, dogs …