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Madhu D @ CitySpinning: walking through change and resistance

November 26, 2009 No comments yet

Madhu .D was away from Bangalore for six months and when he returned he couldn’t recognize his city. “The accelerated change and erasures are inevitable here, the city seems like a construction site, a battle ground of change and

GungunGumpu: team # 3 on the streets

March 28, 2008 No comments yet


In this video we see team # 3 (Bharat, Divya, Sadhvi and Mitali) humming along Brigade road.…

GungunGumpu: starting off & team # 4 on the streets (video)

March 14, 2008 No comments yet


March 8th, 2008. We started off on the Srishti bus from Yelahanka, got off across the street from Cauvery and each team started off on its route and hummed. In this video we see team # 4 (Tejas, Apoorva, …