Watering the basket (a.k.a the tree farm)


The basket finally got watered properly today. I have been thinking of a simple way of doing so, for the last few days. A way which wouldn’t need any of us to climb the tree. I went to Harsha Seeds, a shop in Yelahanka Old Town in the morning. Got this pump: It is a […]

Our first attempt to grow vegetables on trees!

On Sunday Sowmya, Rashmi and I had gone to the Yelahanka old town market to buy two baskets and fifteen meters of rope. The idea (which I have been hinting at across the last week) was to build a small unit to easily grow vegetables on trees. Well we haven’t fixed the “easily” part yet […]

Plan for this week’s urban farming jam


Urban Farming Jam 4 (UFJ 4) is on Thursday 5:30 p.m. The plan this week is to think more about the country which each of us have founded, define a flag and some plans for the expansion of territory. After each of us have designed a flag for our countries we will be painting our […]