Canopy @ Make Them Love You

A signboard promoting the CANOPY project is a part of Make Then Love You in Chennai. This is what my sign might look like. Might because the signs are going to be hand-painted by a film-poster painter and the “lost in translation” is a part of the process. Make Them Love You (MTLY) is a […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 5

Day 5: containers (all kinds… bought from a flea market), sow seeds, audio blog activities, work on the “public fruit map” @ google maps From a nearby flea market, I managed to get some petis (wooden cartons used for transporting and storing fruits and vegetables. With a few modifications, the petis were usable as containers […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 4

Day 4: prepared more soil, invite a gardener to visit, sow seeds in baskets + pots, post the group’s experience on the audio blog, talk about the “public fruit map (Delhi).” From the nearby Qutub nursery, I requested the head gardener, Ram Shankar, to come over to the shelter and demonstrate and explain to us […]

“invisible farm @ jamghat,” day 2 and 3

Day 2: a simple discussion on nutrition, diet and vegetables. in simple flower-pots we sowed chilli, radish and spinach seeds. Day 3: get baskets, set up baskets, get containers made, talk to neighbourhood gardeners, put audio recordings on the Internet

Cultivating Concrete, a handbook for urban farming compiled by Rashmi Sirkar

Rashmi Sirkar, a second-year design student at Srishti has been working on a small (20-page) illustrated handbook on urban farming for CitySpinning. A draft is now ready and is available for download using the link below. The handbook gives an overview, establishes the context and illustrates some mechanisms for easily growing vegetables in varied urban […]

The basket I painted today


Getting ready to get the second basket up on a tree! We thought we will paint the baskets in the colours we identify our country with, the colours of our flag. Most people were busy today with classes, so not many landed up. And tomorrow they seem to be off on a class trip. So […]

Our first attempt to grow vegetables on trees!

On Sunday Sowmya, Rashmi and I had gone to the Yelahanka old town market to buy two baskets and fifteen meters of rope. The idea (which I have been hinting at across the last week) was to build a small unit to easily grow vegetables on trees. Well we haven’t fixed the “easily” part yet […]

Plan for this week’s urban farming jam


Urban Farming Jam 4 (UFJ 4) is on Thursday 5:30 p.m. The plan this week is to think more about the country which each of us have founded, define a flag and some plans for the expansion of territory. After each of us have designed a flag for our countries we will be painting our […]

Seed sowing season at urban farming jam 3


Almost everyone turned up to take care of their lands at Urban Farming Jam 3. It wasn’t as uphill a struggle with the land as on the first day. Most teams/countries were able to get the land ready and sow seeds. From how these seeds/seedlings grow we will learn about what we got right and […]

Some urban farming projects around the world

Found some urban farming projects initiated by artists and architects. PetPuja is quite similar in scope to many of these efforts, and so have much to learn from them. Fallen Fruit, is “an activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood.” (USA) Edible Estates is an “an […]

PetPuja: if you can navigate you can eat bhindi-masala

PetPuja is an effort to seed a community of urban farmers. I plan to use public spaces, unused spaces, street-side spaces, gardens of volunteers, spaces under flyovers and bridges to grow easy-to-cook and nutritive vegetables and fruits. Objectives: once a variety of vegetables and fruits are grown in different parts of Bangalore, recipe-based routes would […]