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Introducing the YourTime Club (a club for people who finally own their time again)


== INVITATION:== If you have recently lost (or not found) a job, you are invited to the introductory meeting of the YourTime Club. If you don’t own your own time yet please forward this link along to those who do!

== DATE:== Saturday, 11th April, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

== LOCATION:== UWA hostel plot, New Thippasandra, Link to the google map: http://is.gd/rl5p or call me if you need directions (that’s my mobile number up there)

== ABOUT:== The financial-crisis has entered the family. Someone we know directly or indirectly has lost his/her job. This is great news. With full-time employment, we haven’t had time to do many things which were once close to our heart. Did you once like to just sit around and stare at the sky, the clouds merging into each other, making strange shapes? Or maybe try and read patterns into the flow of traffic on the street outside your house, browse the library shelves for hours? Clean the garden, cook experimental dishes, drive out to the highway only to look at the stars…

We are introducing the YourTime Club, for people in Bangalore who are experiencing a new found freedom with their time, either because you have recently lost your job or because you can’t find one. So, what are you doing with this time?

The YourTime Club will meet twice a month at the University Women’s Association, Bangalore¬† (UWAB) property in New Thippasandra – the UWAB’s site for a working women’s hostel (see LOCATION). The site is temporarily unemployed as the project requires a further infusion of vitamin M. UWA is currently working at raising funds to soon be able to employ the site full-time.


At each meeting of the YourTime Club, we will perform activities which the club-members feel are educational, fun, adventurous, social, service-oriented or explorative**. The first meeting of this club will be on the 11th of April 2009. At this meeting, the concept of the club and the initial few ideas for activities will be discussed. Those who find some of those ideas interesting can enrol in the club. Enrollment is free.

– – – –

* UWA – University Women’s Association (http://www.ifuw.org/ifuwa-bangalore/)

** Yoga workshops, gardening and urban farming, writing poetry, flying kites, teaching children, repairing bicycles, learning to cook etc.

+ This project is supported by OpenSpace Bangalore

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