Temporary Architecture - CitySpinning is a series of interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

Reciprocating Memories: invited projects at the POROUS CITY site in Thippasandra


Porous City @ Thippasandra invited artists and architects from Bangalore to respond to the site with project concepts. The following projects were developed across conversations with the artists, relating their projects to space, context and the curatorial theme (to read more about these visit this post).

A summary of the invited projects and some images of each follows:

Places I Like II

16th to 20th September 09

Places I like, was a unique photo exhibition, presented by the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore. It comprised the outcome of an intensive workshop for Bangalore photo enthusiasts conducted by German photographer Stefan Koppelkamm, whose own photos were also exhibited under the title Ortszeit/Local Time at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan.

The objective of this workshop was to define the personal criteria that determine the »quality of life« in a city. The focus was more on the routine and normal, rather than the unusual. Social aspects of the city – neighbourliness, the presence of smaller stores and cottage industries – that are not immediately discernible to outsiders were more important than outstanding architecture or excellent design.

The current exhibition is a small selection of the original exhibition. Tailor-made for the venue.

The places portrayed in this exhibition are as diverse as the city itself: They include bustling markets or shopping centres such as KR market, secluded and peaceful areas such as the Someshwara Temple in Ulsoor, Charles Correa’s Jeevan Bima Nagar One of the photographers portrayed his favourite hangouts, the famous Koshy’s in St. Marks Road.

Participating photographers:


Some pictures of the exhibition:

Crack It

12th to 20th September 09

Artists: Markus Tauber and Dina Boswank

Artist’s statement (text by Markus Tauber): Can an island for children be created in Bangalore. Developing a playground with children for children.

–  Questions

  • Where children can find places of safe haven in a high-density city like Bangalore?
  • What kind of places of refuge do children need? What is the nature of these places?
  • What does it mean to give children –  rich or poor- a home in a fast-changing town like Bangalore? (Home is understood as an abstract quality that depends on many conditions outside the physical structure itself)
  • Do people and children in Bangalore live more and more socially isolated -especially in the outskirts of the town?
  • What is childhood like under different social conditions? When the childhood ends and adult life begins? Do children have to work or do they have to learn the whole day? When do children have to start their career according to their patents opinion? Which part of the day is free for the child’s own activity, for playing etc.?

Activities (summary by Prayas):

  • Dina and Markus developed a story together with the children from the neighbourhood. Then they made many of the characters from the story into small clay objects.
  • Then they went to the park across the POROUS CITY site and with rope and newspaper created an installed landscape of the story they had written along with the children and the parents of the neighbourhood. The installation of the new playground was temporary and was dismantled after a day. No special permission was needed to put up the structures in the park.

Some Photographs:

Old Hindi Film Song Stories

August 22nd 09

Artists: Maraa (http://maraa.in)

Introduction (Text by Maraa): Old Hindi film songs can never go out of style! Memories of growing up and stories of songs from 1958 (or 1965 or 1973), memories of stars and films, pretty faces and emotions, memories of listening to it over and over on radio… memories of the cities and towns and countrysides one grew up in… and for some others, memories of their mothers and fathers, brothers and uncles sampling and relishing these wonderful melodies Here’s the chance and space to share your old Hindi song story!

Summary: The event saw an enthusiastic mix of old Hindi film music enthusiasts from the city and some from the neighbourhood come together and share music, stories and trivia. A few spontaneous singing sessions happened as well. Members of some virtual networks which are involved with Hindi film music also came and appreciated what the act of physical meeting up added.

Some photographs:


4th to 6th September 09

Artist: Dina Boswank

Artist’s statement (Text by Dina Boswank): Come whisper, talk, shout, yell, rustle, smirk, susurrate, backbite, laugh, chatter and twitter. In some months there will live new inhabitants in this house. Their noises, laughter and words will be hearable through ventilation shafts, windows and doors. Yet, they are fictitious ghostly voices. But in these moments when the unfinished building will be a place for various people to meet and create a public space, the sonic ambience will hopefully change. The installation plays with both imaginations – an atmosphere of overlaying and not clearly locatable noises and voices will be there to listen to and is as well created by the people itself.

Palaver used a nice child toy – a tin can telephone. But instead of using metal cans there were 15 plastic buckets, as used in every Indian household, spread over the place. Strings connected all of them, so that you could hear the echo of words spoken into one of them at every single bucket.

A network of ear conches and mics crosses both levels. Everyone could whisper, scream, sing quietly or ask in each bucket and react on the voices of other people he could understand.

Some photographs:

Fourth Cross

18th September 09

Artists: Srishti Theatre Group

Fourth Cross was a site-specific play. Artists notes:

“Be careful where you step in this ruin. Things have happened here before. They say, “the house took them.” An interactive mystery with surreal characters brought together by tales of old broken down house.

Some photographs:


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