LAND Is available. How do you want to use it?

land-is-available2LAND DREAMS, cataloguing our cultural aspirations and use-values related to LAND

Living in a country and region with active land-struggles and a history of land-rights movements^ and attempts of land-reform, if land is made available to us for some time, what can we imagine?


LAND is available for temporary projects, workshops, conferences, performances, make-shift offices in Bangalore for five days a month. This LAND is available only until August 2009. As an artist, group, community, network or individual if there is a need for flexible temporary space in the city, send your proposal to LAND DREAMS. Your proposal should:

  • Introduce yourself or your group.
  • Send a note on how some existing space in Bangalore can be re-used, re-purposed for social and cultural purposes.
  • Explain (in max 300 words) the temporary land-use you have in mind. If possible, sketch something on the photographs below.
  • Please keep these constraints in mind.
    • No permanent changes or structures are possible.
    • The space has to be kept clean.
    • There is no power at the site, everything has to be battery-powered if at all.
    • Collaboration with architects known to us to temporarily shape the space is possible. So, say so if you want to explore this.
    • Night-time projects can’t be noisy.
    • Non-commercial projects of any kind can be proposed.


  • Imaginations often need physical space to play out and virtual spaces are just not enough. Spaces used now to meet and talk are expensive coffee shops or restaurants. OUTDOOR SPACES STILL EXIST.
  • Using land which is not fully built-up yet is a treat. You will get as much flexibility as you want. Think of what the buildings you sit in and use DON’T allow you to use.
  • This call comes as a part of the LAND DREAMS project. “Unemployed plots of land dream of things that they can do, how they can look, forms they can  take. When they are actively traded and utilized in the market and society, only a narrow range of functions get performed on them. They, on the other hand remain unfilled.” Read more at here.
  • LAND DREAMS wants to demonstrate alternative and non-commercial uses for surplus and fringe urban spaces in the city. These demonstrations will become urban memories which will be drawn on for a long time to inspire a diverse set of cultural, social and personal uses of the city.

The LAND belongs is the University Women’s Association of Bangalore (UWAB)’s property in New Thippasandra where they are building a hostel for working women. the construction process is temporarily halted due to paucity of funds. The UWAB has offered CitySpinning use of the property till such time that construction commences. UWAB believes in encouraging young talent and hopes to see youth putting there hostel space to good use.


For using the LAND in July or August please send in your proposals by June 15th July 1st, 2009. Proposals can be e-mailed to


  • Proposals which meet the criteria will be accepted. — By July 12th 2009.
  • The teams/individuals behind the selected proposals will be invited to the LAND for a visit, orientation and discussion. — July 14th and 15th, 2009.
  • After this the project will be given confirmed dates on which they can use the LAND for their project. — July 16th, 2009.

note: all the dates have been changed after the deadline extension — June 15th, 2009


  • Your band doesn’t have a space to practice? The LAND, in the afternoon might be the right place.
  • Likewise, this could the ideal space for theatre and film rehearsals, practice and enactment.
  • Want to set up some writers studios for the literati of Bangalore? Our architect friends could help you make cheap temporary studio-spaces.
  • Want to organize puppet-shows, screen movies, do a neighbourhood meeting about dealing with trash and waste? It can all happen here.
  • CitySpinning is using the space for a community-in-the-making, The YourTime Club.
  • For interpretive land-use projects around the world see the list of links here:


The University Women’s Association, Bangalore (UWAB) property in New Thippasandra. The UWAB’s land is a site for a working women’s hostel. Link to the google map: Some photographs are here:

A CitySpinning, OpenSpace Bangalore and University Women’s Association (UWA) project.

The proposals will be selected by CitySpinning and University Women’s Association (UWA) together.

– – –

^ see and

YourTime Club, the first meeting and further


The first meeting of the YourTime Club happened on Saturday, 11th April. We had Indu, Sunil, Harsh, Sony, Nisha, Ajay, Ritwick, Tarun and Saritha at the meeting.

Minutes of some the discussions which happened in the meeting:

  • introduction of the concept, the motivations, the members and the possibilities
  • understanding the situation
    • being laid-off and others being over-employed as as a result
    • the pressures
    • the support-groups
    • some stories by the members [the stories will appear at this blog in different forms soon]
  • ideas for activities
    • work with the land – grow food there, involve the children in the neighbourhood, build a trash-compost-good-children-water eco-system
    • start an after-school for the children in the neighbourhood
    • start a library with books contributed by the members
    • use cow-dung to flatten the floor of the incomplete building and develop a skating-rink there!
    • skill-based workshops (photography, urban farming, temporary structures)
    • bringing projects to the group and involve the members in the research and brainstorming (Harsh and Sonny later accompanied Saritha on a research trip around the temples near the Halsur Lake)
  • ideas for next time
    • walking in the neighbourhood
    • discussing the details for some of the ideas and starting to do things
    • Prayas (I) will introduce some processes and methods for the club members to work together

We have a google group for discussions and a SMS group now to receive updates and news,

Some photographs of the meeting are below. I also did a few audio recordings, I’ll be able to edit and add the audio clips later this week.

The meeting happened inside (was it really inside?) a temporary structure created by Nisha Nair from Mumbai. More details and photographs of Nisha’s work at CitySpinning in the next post.

Introducing the YourTime Club (a club for people who finally own their time again)


== INVITATION:== If you have recently lost (or not found) a job, you are invited to the introductory meeting of the YourTime Club. If you don’t own your own time yet please forward this link along to those who do!

== DATE:== Saturday, 11th April, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

== LOCATION:== UWA hostel plot, New Thippasandra, Link to the google map: or call me if you need directions (that’s my mobile number up there)

== ABOUT:== The financial-crisis has entered the family. Someone we know directly or indirectly has lost his/her job. This is great news. With full-time employment we haven’t had time to do many things which were once close to our heart. Did you once like to just sit around and stare at the sky, the clouds merging into each other, making strange shapes? Or maybe try and read patterns into the flow of traffic on the street outside your house, browse the library shelves for hours? Clean the garden, cook experimental dishes, drive out to the highway only to look at the stars…

We are introducing the YourTime Club, for people in Bangalore who are experiencing a new found freedom with their time, either because you have recently lost your job or because you can’t find one. So, what are you doing with this time?

The YourTime Club will meet twice a month at the University Women’s Association, Bangalore  (UWAB) property  in New Thippasandra – the UWAB’s site for a working women’s hostel (see LOCATION). The site is temporarily unemployed as the project requires a further infusion of vitamin M. UWA is currently working at raising funds to soon be able to employ the site full-time.


At each meeting of the The YourTime Club, we will perform activities which the club-members feel are educational, fun, adventurous, social, service-oriented or explorative**. The first meeting of this club will be on the 11th of April 2009. At this meeting the concept of the club and the initial few ideas for activities will be discussed. Those who find some of those ideas interesting can enroll in the club. Enrollment is free.

– – – –

* UWA – University Women’s Association (

** Yoga workshops, gardening and urban farming, writing poetry, flying kites, teaching children, repairing bicycles, learning to cook etc.

+ This project is supported by OpenSpace Bangalore

Land dreams

LandDreams [land-dreams] noun, verb

– noun: Realized or unrealized aspirations of land.

– verb: The act of imagining urealized desires; in terms of functional uses or aesthetic.

Unemployed plots of land dream of things that they can do, how they can look, forms they can  take. When they are actively traded and utilized in the market and society, only a narrow range of functions get performed on them. They, on the other hand remain unfilled.

Because, how they see themselves as is a a lot more colourful, open, social and adventureous. The markets binds the land in the roles it wants it to play.

The market has crashed. A lot of land is now unemployed. The market doesn’t have the resources to employ it or speculate on it. For now, some land owns its own future. And so, it is dreaming. It is dreaming of what it can be. In many different ways. I am channeling these dreams and giving them a temporary life. This story is called LandDreams, a verb and a noun. LandDreams is a part of the Porous City effort.

The first plot of land whose dreams I am channeling is the University Women’s Association, Bangalore  (UWAB) property  in New Thippasandra – the UWAB’s site for a working women’s hostel (see a map here). This is what the land looks like right now:

Nisha Nair and I am working on a temporary cloth and rope structure at the site for the first meeting of the YourTime Club.

You will see more of the dreams here as they take shape.