Temporary Architecture - CitySpinning is a series of interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

“Voice”: a jacket to say what you want. Anywhere. Anytime.

At Khoj, as part of the Peers 08 residency for masters students. one of the things I have been working on is this as-yet-untitled jacket. The jacket has velcro at the back and different modules can be attached to it.

The first module I have worked on is this array of LEDs, which with a stencil can spell out different words. It is intended to be a platform and mechanism for people to say what they want in cities. Across boundaries and restrictions and politics.

Some quick pictures of the jacket:


(the front)


(the back)

And of the initial trial of the prototype in Khirkee (around Khoj):


(explaining the project to some curious Delhi cops)

Yesterday night I started walking around different parts of Delhi (Okhla, Priya cinema, Bhikaji Cama place, Khirkee) and tonight will be walking around more neighborhoods. Sundeep has been photographing the walks/performances. Will post the pictures here soon.

The statements (in Hindi) I have been wearing are:

  • Mein Ujala Hoon (I am the light)
  • Naya Rasta (New way)
  • Yeh meri jagah hai (This is my place)
  • Khelo (Play)

As part of the “modular jacket” project, I am making other modules which can be attached at the back of the jacket too. Will write more about them soon.

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