Temporary Architecture - CitySpinning is a series of interventions, which look at expanding the nature and use of public and unused urban spaces in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

“Voice” under the old Yamuna bridge

The message behind the jacket says: “Yeh meri jagah hai” (this is my place).

The old Yamuna bridge is a two-level bridge (one for railway, one for traffic). It has long been declared to have outlasted its life-time and it actually wobbles vigorously when traffic or trains pass. With the Yamuna river having steadily degraded over the years, the bridge has become many more things: a patch of darkness, a shelter (under the bridge we found many temperory hutments). Being there I could sense decay and neglect. This performance emphasised the marginal space I occupy in Indian society as an artist.

on the bridge

under the bridge

sitting near one of the houses

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